09.2014 – now – International Project Computer Aided Learning Management CALM implemented at Faculty of Management University of Lodz by Prof. Remigiusz Kozłowski and his team in association with Norwegian University of Sience and Technology from Trondcheim, finansed by EOG founds.

2013 – 2016IT in Logistics

01.03.2015 – 31.05.2015r. – Took a part in „Praktyczne elementy kształcenia odpowiedzią na potrzeby rynku pracy. Program rozwoju Wydziału Zarządzania” project has an aim to give students much more posobilities to be closer to labor market trhat they can achives by them own and also to give them support by financing them additional couses and organized training in companies.

10.2013 – 09.2014 – Took part in international project ENTER.HUB European Network exploiting Territorial Effects of Railway hubs and their Urban Benefits, with other members of Lokalnej Grupy Wsparcia (Local Suport Group) and partner cities: Reggio Emilia in Itally, Ciudad Real in Spain, Creil Aglomeration in Florence, Gdynia in Poland, Girona in Spain, Lugano in Switzerland, Orebro in Sweden, Porto in Portugal, Preston in Great Britain , Rostock and Ulm in Germany, project take a important role in a process of exchange best practise and innovation transfer between cities that creates integrated multimodal hubs with a specal attention to Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station.

01.03-30.06.2014 – Took part in reasearch with experts in a project for City Hall of Konstantynów Lodzki. Project was about finding solutions for solve the problems of local community base on living Lab metodology in case 6 – Finding innovations solutions in public management – project POKL.05.02.02-00-001/12 “Systemowe Wsparcie w Procesie Zarządzania” – organized at project “Systemowe Wsparcie Procesów Zarządzania w JST”.